Musical Moose Band

The Musical Moose were high school friends in Chattanooga TN. The name came from Tommy Cotter and Bob (Zeno) Wilkerson when they were living in Moscow, Idaho where moose roamed nearby. Mike and Bob Courter were playing professionally in local night clubs and traveling with road bands.

When Tommy and Zeno returned to Chattanooga they had a boat load of crazy-sounding tunes that appealed to the Courter brothers who were weary of playing cover tunes and were way into funk and jazz rock at that time. The time was right for something fun and original.
Bob Courter, Zeno, and Tommy Cotter between Court House and Brass Register. (Mike Courter was watching then from the BR - laughing his arse off)

After releasing a self-produced recording and a couple of years of gigging in the Chattanooga area while building a decent following they decided New York is where they'd rather be. A year of living together in a rehearsal space, recording, and playing the odd showcase made for a tight band, but eventually the city got the better.

Zeno, split to Baltimore to get married and Bob moved to Macon GA to play country music and eventually toured with the Forester Sisters. Tommy and Mike stayed bonkers in Yonkers for several months and continued to write songs together and play out as "The Radford Boys." Tommy eventually made it back to 'Nooga and opened 'Right Track Studio.' Mike moved to the lower east side of Manhattan and played and recorded with various bands for about a year.
Bob (Zino) Wilkinson and Mike Courter at Duck Soup Deli (Larry Ortega behind the bar)

Eventually all four were back in Chattanooga so naturally they reformed and began working on new material. They added keyboards to the lineup and began to pursue the rock thing again. They recorded a second release and enjoyed performing to appreciative audiences for a few years - until Zeno passed away unexpectedly.

Which sort of brings us up to date. Proving that you can't keep a good Moose down - Tommy, Bob, and Mike are back together with the strongest sounding Moose - ever. As one friend and fellow musician put it: "If you haven't heard the Musical Moose lately - you haven't heard the Musical Moose."

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